Personal information

  • Name: Johannes Buchner
  • Hobbies: Swimming, Volleyball, Hiking, Martial arts, Juggling

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2015-: Postdoctoral fellowship at PUC/Chile. Awarded a FONDECYT fellowship (3 years).
  • 2011-2015: Astrophysics doctoral program in Garching bei M¨nchen at the Max Planck for extraterrestrial Physics (MPE), High energy/AGN group Awarded Max Planck doctoral stipend.
  • 2009-2011: MSc degree in computer science at AUT University (New Zealand), at the IRASR radio telescope institute (research in preparation for SKA). Awarded Kordia scholarship.
  • 2006-2009: Studied software engineering at the TU Vienna and astronomy at the University of Vienna. Awarded merit scholarship.


  • 2010: Lecturing/Tutoring in AUT University "Foundations of Physics A" course, 60 students; Tutoring in "Physical database systems"
  • 2009/4 mnths: Uni Vienna, Stellar Astronomy group: MCMC sampler for Bayesian inference
  • 2008: Tutor for "Theoretical Computer Science and Logic", 4 classes/20 students each
  • 2002-2008: Various summer internships in electronics/software companies Porsche Informatik, SkiData, Uni Linz, Spar and others

Selected Software Projects

  • NWAY: Powerful method to cross-match multiple catalogues
  • PyMultiNest: Pythonic MultiNest interface and analysis (Python).
  • BXA: Bayesian X-ray analysis (spectral analysis for xspec/sherpa, using PyMultiNest)
  • APEMoST: Fast, self-configuring MCMC Sampler (ANSI C).
  • Jake: Distributed, XMPP-based folder synchronization (Java). • Lead developer, project leader; Developed in a group of six students (9 months).
  • Find these and more at
  • 2006-2010: Patches and Bugtracking for Open Source projects: Videolan VLC, Pidgin, evince.
  • 2005/06: Mozilla Foundation (6 months): IRC-Support, Bug-Squadding for Firefox, Thunderbird, Calendar; developer of several extensions


  • Fluent in English, spoken and written. German as mother-tongue. Basic Spanish.
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Java, Prolog, Haskell, Visual Basic
  • Scripting languages: Python, PHP, Javascript, GNU Bash, Microsoft Windows Batch.
  • Scientific packages: Scipy, R, Matlab, Maxima, Wolfram-Alpha, IDL
  • Hydrodynamic Simulations: Analysis of EAGLE and Illustris simulations.
  • Databases: Multiple years of experience with MySQL and Oracle DB (10-11); SQL; XML
  • FOSS, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD. Competent knowledge of the operating systems and use as server. Extensive knowledge of applications, configuration and networking, Cisco certified.