Outreach and Industry Innovation

  • Social and classical media outreach

    For the social media outreach of eROSITA_DE, I am the co-host of the @eROSITA_SRG twitter account. I have appeared in a brief interview about eROSITA at the German radio station DasDing targeting young people.

  • Trans-disciplinary

    A collaboration with Mats Leif Moskopp at the TU Dresden is applying my Bayesian inference expertise and code to physiology research.

  • Societal impact

    I developed the image fingerprinting library imagehash, which can identify perceptually similar images. With 1800 Github stars and over 250 forks, it is very popular. This code is used by Thorn to prevent child sexual abuse material from spreading.

Outreach in Chile

Impressions from the IX Fiesta de la Ciencia y la TecnologĂ­a (PUC outreach, 2015).
IX Fiesta de la Ciencia y la TecnologĂ­a (PUC outreach event in 2015)