Talks and workshops

Conferences, Talks and Research Visits

Jan 4-8 2020 Honolulu, USA 235th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society contributed talk
Sep 24-25 2019 Munich, Germany Spectral fitting methods workshop invited talk
Sep 17-20 2019 Göteborg, Sweden Bayesian Inference in Subatomic Physics (Wallenberg Symposium) invited talk
Sep 08-13 2019 Bologna, Italy X-ray Astronomy conference contributed talk
Jun 19-22 2019 Korfu, Greece Supermassive Black Holes: Enviroment and Evolution contributed talk
Jan-Feb 2019 Cambridge, USA Visiting researcher at Harvard University / Center for Astrophysics invited talk
Dec 10-14 2018 Puerto Varas, Chile TORUS2018 contributed talk
Jul 14-22 2018 Pasadena, USA COSPAR 2018 42nd Assembly: Symposium on “AGN X-ray surveys: Soft to hard and deep to wide” invited talk
Jul 02-06 2018 Sexten, Italy The early growth of supermassive black holes contributed talk
Mar 13-15 2018 Santiago, Chile Local hard X-ray selected AGN across the multi-wavelength spectrum contributed talk
Feb 1-10 2018 Caltech, USA Research visit, collaboration with Dr. Murray Brightman invited talk
Aug 20-24 2017 Sun Valley, USA HEAD Sixteenth Divisional Meeting contributed talk
Jun 06-09 2017 Rome, Italy X-ray Universe 2017 contributed talk
Apr 24 2017 Sydney, Australia Research visit at CSIRO, collaboration with Dr. Vanessa Moss invited talk
Apr 12 2017 Sydney, Australia Research visit at Sydney University invited talk
Jan 23-26 2017 Marbella, Chile SOCHIAS XIV Annual Meeting 2017 contributed talk
Aug 08-12 2016 Dartmouth, USA Hidden Monsters contributed talk
Jul 04-08 2016 Athens, Greece European Week of Astronomy and Space Science contributed talk
Mar 01-04 2016 Antofagasta, Chile SOCHIAS XIII Annual Meeting 2016 contributed talk
Sep 21-24 2015 Chania, Greece Demographics and environment of AGN from multi-wavelength surveys contributed talk
Sep 14-17 2015 Winchester, UK TORUS2015 poster
Mar 09-13 2015 Puerto Varas, Chile Unveiling the AGN-Galaxy Evolution Connection poster
Jun 16-19 2014 Dublin, Ireland The X-ray Universe 2014 poster
Nov 05-08 2012 Bonn, Germany Nuclei of Seyfert Galaxies and QSOs – Central Engine and Conditions of Star Formation poster
Oct 17-20 2011 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE First eROSITA International Conference


13-17/02/2017 Beijing, China KIAA-PUC/CHILE workshop
19-22/04/2016 Puerto Varas, Chile Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers
03-07/06/2013 State College, USA Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers IX
20-21/08/2012 London, UK Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology Inaugural Workshop
06-10/02/2012 Taipeh, Taiwan TIARA Winter School on High Redshift Galaxies