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Since I begun publishing in 2014 my papers have received over 650 citations (over 1800 if including co-authored papers, H-index: 20).

full list of papers on ADS (orcid: 0000-0003-0426-6634)

First-author publications

8 papers, 422 citations.

  • Buchner et al. (2019): X-ray spectral and eclipsing model of the clumpy obscurer in active galactic nuclei, arXiv:1907.13137 (accepted in A&A)
  • Buchner et al. (2019): On the Prevalence of Supermassive Black Holes over Cosmic Time, 117, 874, ApJ
  • Buchner (2017): Collaborative Nested Sampling: Big Data vs. complex physical models, arXiv:1707.04476 (accepted in PASP Focus Issue on Machine Intelligence in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  • Buchner & Bauer (2017): Galaxy gas as obscurer - II. Separating the galaxy-scale and nuclear obscurers of active galactic nuclei, 4348, 465, MNRAS (24 citations)
  • Buchner, Schulze & Bauer (2017): Galaxy gas as obscurer - I. GRBs x-ray galaxies and find an N<SUB>H</SUB><SUP>3</SUP>∝ M relation*, 4545, 464, MNRAS (15 citations)
  • Buchner et al. (2015): Obscuration-dependent Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei, 89, 802, ApJ (117 citations)
  • Buchner (2014): A statistical test for Nested Sampling algorithms, 383-392, 26, Statistics and Computing (13 citations)
  • Buchner et al. (2014): X-ray spectral modelling of the AGN obscuring region in the CDFS: Bayesian model selection and catalogue, A125, 564, A&A (263 citations)
  • Buchner (2011) - Dynamic scheduling and planning parallel observations on large Radio Telescope Arrays with the Square Kilometre Array in mind - Master thesis
  • Buchner (2009) - An Introduction to Bayesian Inference with Parallel Tempering MCMC. - Bachelor thesis
  • Buchner (2007) - Auswahlalgorithmen und Quorumbasierte Protokolle f¨r verteilte Datenbanksysteme - Computer Science Bachelor thesis

Further publications

25 papers, 957 citations.

  • Comparat et al. (2019): Active galactic nuclei and their large-scale structure: an eROSITA mock catalogue, 2005, 487, MNRAS
  • Ananna et al. (2019): The Accretion History of AGNs. I. Supermassive Black Hole Population Synthesis Model, 240, 871, ApJ
  • Koliopanos, Vasilopoulos, Buchner et al. (2019): Investigating ULX accretion flows and cyclotron resonance in NGC 300 ULX1, A118, 621, A&A
  • Resmi et al. (2018): Low-frequency View of GW170817/GRB 170817A with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, 57, 867, ApJ (41 citations)
  • Simm, Buchner et al. (2018): Dramatic X-ray spectral variability of a Compton-thick type-1 QSO at z~1, 4912, 480, MNRAS
  • Simmonds, Buchner et al. (2018): XZ: Deriving redshifts from X-ray spectra of obscured AGN, A66, 618, A&A
  • Baronchelli, Nandra & Buchner (2018): Relativistic reflection from accretion discs in the population of active galactic nuclei at z = 0.5-4, 2377, 480, MNRAS
  • Kerzendorf et al. (2018): A search for a surviving companion in SN 1006, 192, 479, MNRAS
  • Kocevski et al. (2018): X-UDS: The Chandra Legacy Survey of the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey Field, 48, 236, ApJS (12 citations)
  • Nelson, Ford, Buchner et al. (2018): Quantifying the Evidence for a Planet in Radial Velocity Data, arXiv:1806.04683
  • Baloković et al. (2018): New Spectral Model for Constraining Torus Covering Factors from Broadband X-Ray Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei, 42, 854, ApJ (25 citations)
  • Salvato, Buchner et al. (2018): Finding counterparts for all-sky X-ray surveys with NWAY: a Bayesian algorithm for cross-matching multiple catalogues, 4937, 473, MNRAS (22 citations)
  • Schulze et al. (2018): Cosmic evolution and metal aversion in superluminous supernova host galaxies, 1258, 473, MNRAS (52 citations)
  • Kim et al. (2017): ALMA and GMRT Constraints on the Off-axis Gamma-Ray Burst 170817A from the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817, L21, 850, ApJ (29 citations)
  • Georgakakis et al. (2017): X-ray constraints on the fraction of obscured active galactic nuclei at high accretion luminosities, 3232, 469, MNRAS (18 citations)
  • Dwelly et al. (2017): SPIDERS: selection of spectroscopic targets using AGN candidates detected in all-sky X-ray surveys, 1065, 469, MNRAS (13 citations)
  • Brightman et al. (2017): X-Ray Bolometric Corrections for Compton-thick Active Galactic Nuclei, 10, 844, ApJ (11 citations)
  • Pâris et al. (2017): The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog: Twelfth data release, A79, 597, A&A (202 citations)
  • Liu et al. (2016): X-ray spectral properties of the AGN sample in the northern XMM-XXL field, 1602, 459, MNRAS (26 citations)
  • Menzel et al. (2016): A spectroscopic survey of X-ray-selected AGNs in the northern XMM-XXL field, 110, 457, MNRAS (30 citations)
  • Fotopoulou, Buchner et al. (2016): The 5-10 keV AGN luminosity function at 0.01 &lt; z &lt; 4.0, A142, 587, A&A (20 citations)
  • Georgakakis, Aird, Buchner et al. (2015): The X-ray luminosity function of active galactic nuclei in the redshift interval z=3-5, 1946, 453, MNRAS (49 citations)
  • Hsu et al. (2014): CANDELS/GOODS-S, CDFS, and ECDFS: Photometric Redshifts for Normal and X-Ray-Detected Galaxies, 60, 796, ApJ (91 citations)
  • Nandra et al. (2013): The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission, arXiv:1306.2307 (267 citations)
  • Georgakakis et al. (2013): The Hot and Energetic Universe: Understanding the build-up of supermassive black holes and galaxies at the heyday of the Universe, arXiv:1306.2328 (15 citations)

I regularly referee papers for ApJ, A&A, MNRAS and Nature.

Minor contributions

  • advising Speagle et al (2019) - dynesty: A Dynamic Nested Sampling Package for Estimating Bayesian Posteriors and Evidences Advising on nested sampling.
  • advising Burgess et al. (2019) - Gamma-ray bursts as cool synchrotron sources discussions on statistical techniques
  • advising Biffi et al. (2018) - AGN contamination of galaxy-cluster thermal X-ray emission: predictions for eRosita from cosmological simulations help with observed absorbed fractions of AGN
  • advising Flörs et al. (2018) - Limits on stable iron in Type Ia supernovae from NIR spectroscopy advising on statistical techniques
  • advising Chen et al. (2018) - The XMM-SERVS survey: new XMM-Newton point-source catalog for the XMM-LSS field help with NWAY and cross-matching techniques
  • helped Donahue et al. (2018) - Adversarial Audio Synthesis Provided Synthetic speech commands dataset for machine learning
  • Connaughton et al. (2018) - On the interpretation of the Fermi GBM transient observed in coincidence with LIGO Gravitational Wave Event GW150914 Automated proof-reading with languagecheck
  • advising Achterberg et al. (2018) - Implications of the Fermi-LAT Pass 8 Galactic Center excess on supersymmetric dark matter Advising on statistical techniques.
  • advising Killedar et al. (2018) - Simulation-based marginal likelihood for cluster strong lensing cosmology 2018MNRAS.473.1736K Discussions on the Astrostatistics Facebook group
  • advising Dhawan et al. (2017) - Narrowing down the possible explanations of cosmic acceleration with geometric probes Advising on statistical techniques
  • Beniamini & Mochkovitch (2017) - What can we learn from "internal plateaus"? The peculiar afterglow of GRB 070110 Help with spectral fits
  • Ostorero et al. (2017) - Correlation between X-ray and radio absorption in compact radio galaxies Used APEMoST
  • advising Ricci et al (2017) - Growing supermassive black holes in the late stages of galaxy mergers are heavily obscured Advising on statistical techniques.
  • advising Yang et al (2016) - Long-Term X-ray Variability of Typical Active Galactic Nuclei in the Distant Universe Some hints regarding X-ray analyses.
  • advising Rosas-Guevara et al (2016) - Supermassive black holes in the EAGLE Universe. Revealing the observables of their growth
  • advising Chen et al (2015) - Stability of Gas Clouds in Galactic Nuclei: An Extended Virial Theorem
  • advising Burgess et al (2015) - The Rest-Frame Golenetskii Correlation via a Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis
  • advising Ponti et al (2015) - Fifteen years of XMM-Newton and Chandra monitoring of Sgr A*: Evidence for a recent increase in the bright flaring rate Advising on Bayesian Blocks algorithms.
  • advising de Souza et al (2015) - The Overlooked Potential of Generalized Linear Models in Astronomy-III: Bayesian Negative Binomial Regression and Globular Cluster Populations
  • advising Zwart et al (2015) - Far beyond stacking: Fully bayesian constraints on sub-microJy radio source populations over the XMM-LSS-VIDEO field
  • advising Killedar et al (2015) - Weighted ABC: a new strategy for cluster strong lensing cosmology with simulations
  • advising Zhang et al (2014)
  • advising Brightman et al (2014)
  • supporting Diaferio et al (2011): “Gamma-ray bursts as cosmological probes: LambdaCDM vs. conformal gravity" APEMoST MCMC code
  • supporting Alexander & Gulyaev (2012) - On the Apparent Narrowing of Radio Recombination Lines at High Principal Quantum Numbers Writing algorithms to analyze spacecraft velocities (MEX, VEX) and radio recombination lines from radio telescope observations in Warkwarth, New Zealand.
  • supporting Gruberbauer et al (2009): “On the detection of Lorentzian profiles in a power spectrum: A Bayesian approach using ignorance priors"