I write software to make my life and the life of my colleagues easier. Perhaps you can take advantage of it too.

Scientific data analysis

imagehash (1443 fans) A Python Perceptual Image Hashing Module
nway (31 fans) nway -- Bayesian cross-matching of astronomical catalogues
BXA (13 fans) Bayesian X-ray analysis (nested sampling for Xspec and Sherpa)
xars X-ray absorption re-emission scattering - Monte Carlo simulator for X-ray obscurers
regulargrid (11 fans) Regular Grid Multivariate linear interpolation (now merged into scipy!)
agnviz Interactive visualisation of the Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei
Visualisation of the Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei
hmf Halo Mass Function in Python
photozqual Evaluating photo-z redshift methods
imagestack Compression of large sets/databases of images
intersection Ray tracing / Line intersection formulas for various 2d and 3d objects
LightRayRider Ray tracing of hydrodynamic simulations to compute column densities
scientific-visualisation-360-vr Scientific Visualisations with 360° VR HOWTO, with povray and ffmpeg
test-calculator Online Scientific computations


massivedatans (10 fans) Big Data vs. complex physical models - a scalable nested sampling inference algorithm for many data sets
PyMultiNest (156 fans) Pythonic Bayesian inference and visualization for the MultiNest Nested Sampling Algorithm or MCMC. See also the tutorial, RMultiNest.
pymultinest-tutorial pymultinest tutorial
ultranest-js Nested Sampling for Javascript applications
Click for an animation of MCMC (thanks to chi-feng) and Nested Sampling:
Click to see an animation of nested sampling.
RMultiNest R wrapper for MultiNest
UltraNest (10 fans) Pythonic Nested Sampling Development Framework & UltraNest
PyDNest Python connection to Diffusive Nested Sampling.
syscorr Bayesian correlation swiss army knife

Machine Learning

LSST-PLAsTiCC-classification-solution (17 fans) Solution to LSST-PLAsTiCC photometric transient classification challenge
flight-reservation-emails (20 fans) Searches your emails for flight tickets & displays a summary with all flight details
spoken-command-recognition (40 fans) A large, free audio sample database (10M words pronounced), a test bed for voice activity detection algorithms and for single-syllable word recognition
autobackgroundmodel Machine-learned parametric model for background spectra

Presentations, writing & publishing

presentations Research presentations on Astronomy and Astrostatistics
languagecheck (40 fans) Improve the language of your paper before submission
ads-reference-search Search ADS by reference "Lastname et al. (2019)"
research2epub (42 fans) Linearize research papers into readable ebooks.
uncertaincolors Uncertainty visualisation in maps: Display measurement value and error simultaneously with Python/matplotlib

Productivity & workflow

activitytracker Track what you are spending your time on
spuren A desktop search engine kept fast and simple
tnewmail Thunderbird new mail desktop notifications
workflow-copilot Profile your computer interaction and interrupt with news only when appropriate

Logic, Puzzles & Games

zwicky-morphological-analysis Zwickys Morphological Analysis implemented in Python
ultragem UltraGem is a match three board game (Bejeweled/CandyCrush clone), with an advanced automated solver

Distributed Computing

Jake (18 fans) Collaborating on a project for ordinary people
Jarsync (35 fans) Java implementation of the Rsync protocol based on Jarsync by Casey Marshall
fss A computer-independent view and addressing scheme of a common folder.

Scheduling, File systems, Networks, Security

ska-SchedEng Scheduling Engine for large telescope arrays
chunk-fuse (13 fans) Filesystem in User Space (fuse) using compressed and encrypted chunks
sparse-reiserfs-manager Create and resize reiserfs sub-filesystems stored in sparse files.
DHCProbe (30 fans) Send a DHCP request to DHCP server to check its configuration
PasswordTopologies Common Password Topologies

And various code snippets